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Heritage Bike Trail runs along US1. Some of the old railroad bridges have been restored and there are some great side trips.  Please see for biking map and more information. 

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding in the peaceful bays is fabulous. It is only 5 feet deep out in the middle with hard sandy bottom growing various sea life. There are grass flats and dug outs along the edge by the mangroves.

Our bikes are Conch Cruisers. We have Black Cat women's bikes and speed racer men's bikes. The paddle boards are full pad if you want to do yoga. Please call our office to make arrangements for rentals.  Limited supply, best to reserve in advance.

~~Copyright 2013. Walkabout Retreats Vacation Rentals. All rights reserved.

Biking and Boarding in the Keys


Serving the Lower Florida Keys



$60/3 days


$20 delivery/set up fee



$40/3 days


$20 delivery/set up fee



$100/3 days


$20 delivery/set up fee