First 2 pics are Fandango.  Next 7 pics are Family Retreat.  Last 6 pics are Tropical Paradise.  Will post pics of Oksana's Oasis once the get the pool finished.

Tropical Paradise had to rebuild the deck and reset the pool.  Our first renters arrived October 14 and it is better than ever.  We have new aluminum railings coming and will paint the deck after the pressure treated wood cures. All will be complete before season.   We have refurbished the beaches and pea rock drives.  When you wake up in the master bedroom and look out at the ocean, you feel like you are living on a boat.  All my past customers will relate to that. 

Family Retreat Now

Fandango was the first to receive renters and a big shout out to the Kelly's for coming to the Keys on September 30th for a Birth Day celebration even though it was rough in this area.  We had the property and street cleaned up but the drive in was not pretty and we so appreciate you coming to support us.  We are already in week 3 of renters. The addition that was scheduled for September will be completed in December so I am very excited to share that we will have the new living space, screened in porch and indoor dining for 12 for the 2018 Season. 

Tropical Paradise Now

Hurricane Irma Update:  October 15, 2017

A quick note about insurance.  Windstorm insurance does not cover pools, hot tubs, landscaping, fences, decks, docks or basically anything under the house like friges, bait freezers, kayaks, bikes, tools or anything else that may get destroyed in a hurricane. Flood insurance only covers rising water in livable quarters which means you don't have a flood claim unless your house sits on the ground and was flooded by a tidal surge.  We pay a lot of money for these insurance policies but they cover nothing unless you have damage inside of the house. We had no insurance claims for these homes. All repairs to make these homes vacation rental ready have been paid for by the owners.  After every hurricane I ask myself, how can I make this better so next time I minimize the cost and work involved. 

I am going to show you where we are now and below I will post pics from after Irma.  I don't want to give her much credit so I prefer to share and enjoy the first set of pics.

Fandango Now



Family Retreat received their first renters on October 7 and I want to give Mardy Array, the owner of the property a shout out for working so hard to clean the place up and get it vacation rental ready.  I was busy with my properties across the street and just had to stay focused on what I was doing so I didn't crumble.  You and Paul did a great job getting the house ready. 

Oksana's Tropical Beach Oasis Update

Oasis has been cleaned up and they are still working on the pool.  Our first scheduled renters are November 11 and we plan on being ready.  I will have pics as soon as the pool is ready. 

Island Living Update

Island Living does not have any renters coming in until 2018 and the owner has contractors to replace the roof and any other damage coordinated.  It will be ready by season. 

OK A note before we go to the pics.  Yes I was here through it.  I had to secure 9 homes.  After the storm we were without water, electric and other utilities. I pretended I was on a big camping adventure.  Lugging water up the stairs every morning so we could flush during the day.  They did not  let the locals return for over a week and I am sure that drove them nuts. I was able to go right into clean up mode and  I want to give a big shout out to the emergency rescue teams and crews that rolled into town and whoever coordinated all of that.  It was rock star stuff.  Lines of electric and utility trucks and trucks with water and ice and care packages.  We could not even tell people we loved we were safe for days so that probably drove them more crazy than us.  I just focused on one house at a time and worked till it got dark. I did not look around, I did not talk to people.  I just worked.  My joy is creating beautiful vacation homes for people to enjoy their vacation so I just focused on that.  I appreciate you planning a vacation in the Keys and coming to support this beautiful piece of paradise.  We already have new leaves on the trees although they did get a really good pruning if they didn't fall over.  Please come and enjoy our beautiful Islands.  Please refer to the pictures above not below.  I don't even want to post them but the curious ones want to see them so here goes


Sometimes life gets messy and you just clean it up.